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Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. 
Booth Number
2-7 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma City, Osaka 571-8502
TEL : +81-50-3689-8485   FAX : 06-6905-9062
[ Products for Exhibition ]
Dry etching equipment APX300
Dry etching equipment E620-R&D, E620, E650
Device bonder MD-P300
Plasma Cleaner PSX307
Sputtering equipment
ICP torch
Ultra Accuracy - 3D Profilometer UA3P
[ Highlight of Exhibition]
Exhibit Dry etching equipment, Plasma dicing equipment, Sputtering equipment, ICP torch, Ultra Accuracy - 3D Profilometer, Device bonder, Plasma Cleaner.
Introduce both front end and back end equipment with leading edge technology and high performance.
Explain specific technology, know-how, and abundant application accomplishment for latest device( Power devices, MEMS, Communication devices, LED, etc )
-Please come and visit our Panasonic booth.
[Product Category]
EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS >> Equipment, Assembly >> Dicing; Sawing; Scribing; Separation Equipment
EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS >> Equipment, Assembly >> Die Sorter; Pick & Place; Flip Chip Placement Systems
EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS >> Equipment, Process >> Etching; Stripping; Ashing - Dry and Wet Equipment
NEWThe booth which exhibits some products at SEMICON Japan 2013 for the first time.
REALThe booth where real machines or components are exhibited.
DEMOWhere demonstration of new products or technologies are carried out at a booth.